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This incredible hanging spinning mobile is a beautiful and powerful reminder of the influence of DNA on behavior.


The Helix Mobile

Absolutely mesmerizing! Words nor the movie can accurately capture the beauty of this unique display.

The Helix mobile is entrancing and adds an incredible dynamic to any area that it is in.

The mobile comes in 3 different sizes and 3 different styles.

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L.N. Fowler's Phrenology head

Porcelin Replica Measures 11"

Phrenology was an early theory of psychological thought that's basic premise was that personality could be determined by the bumps and shape of an individual' head. Although it is no longer accepted as valid, Franci Gall, who is considered the father of phrenology should be given credit for propigating the believe that the brain is the organ of all mental processes and that it's structure will play a major role in determing behavior.

Inscription on the back of the statue

This bust is a reminder of psychology's history and the unending quest to explain human behavior.

Price: $40.00

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